John doing Yoga in Jersey City, NJ, on the Hudson RiverNo two bodies are the same; therefore no two asanas are the same

John’s teaching philosophy for yoga developed over many years and began when he was a personal trainer. As a fitness trainer John learned the most important elements of working with individuals are:

  • Understanding client’s needs
  • Compassion
  • Client safety

These elements transferred into John’s yoga teaching with his attention to alignment and individual body awareness.

Individual attention to detail ensures safe and properly aligned postures. As your private instructor, John will evaluate your physical strengths and weaknesses, your flexibility and your breathing. Together with you, he will design a personalized yoga practice that addresses your needs, keeping in mind no two bodies are the same, therefore no two asanas are the same. One of John’s main goals in working with clients is to help them develop a program from which they will gain the confidence and strength to practice on their own or in any yoga class environment.

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